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JASIA - An Asian Restaurarant   

Jasia, a chef's restaurant in Old Jaffa. The unique menu. She sends sentimental acts of Asian and Thai, and Chinese, with Touches from authentic cuisine.

When old and new tell a story

Jassia is located in an ancient stone building of the Greek Orthodox Church - undoubtedly a special house full of history and background to the special story of the restaurant. We left the high stone walls exposed to remind us of how much power the place holds. On the walls you will find impressive arches, wooden beams and fishing ropes alongside Asian designs, which present the connection between past and present.

Contemporary lighting solutions give the entire space a modern touch and give a warm and unusual feel to the local landscape. In the background you can hear world music from a variety of cultures and conversations in different languages, demonstrating the open and welcoming nature of Jasia, where everyone has a place.

Jaffa and Asia, A love story

Jasia's menu includes a variety of healthy dishes based on fish, seafood and meats, along with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free dishes. The connection between Jaffa and the distant Asia is beautifully expressed in dishes such as tandoori chicken salad served with crispy beets or the sharp pudding van sun, topped with roasted pistachio chips.

On the menu you will find plenty of classic Asian dishes: miso soup, egg roll, yekitori (salmon / shrimp / chicken), rice woks or noodles and the list goes on. Also try the seafood cauldron, the home-baked chicken chips coated with Panko's crisp layer and the grill dishes - from whole fish to entrecote. The impressive sushi menu includes interesting specials that we have created alongside the possibility of self-assembly.

In conclusion we will offer you a taste of the changing house desserts.

In Jasia you will find a rich and varied bar with selected Asian drinks such as Sakas, plum wines and quality Japanese beer.

The cocktail menu was also adapted to Asia, and the flavors are especially surprising.

​JASIA, an Asian restaurant with Mediterranean influences, located in Old Jaffa in an ancient stone building that belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church.

JASIA was established by two childhood friends from Jaffa, Karim and Johnny, who made an old dream come true. JASIA kitchen was born from a great love for Asian food and the love and respect for the Arabic Jaffa cuisine. The result is an exciting mixture of Asian food with Arab influences.

The unique design of JASIA creates a perfect magical atmosphere. The owners decided, during renovations, to keep the stone walls exposed, to emphasize the authenticity of the space, and the rare combination of old and new, traditional and contemporary fusion. Music from around the world in the background al​

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